A Short History

The Warrnambool Club was founded in 1873 and has operated continuously ever since. It was based on the London Gentleman’s Clubs, and the early rules and customs reflect this. Unlike the London Clubs, ours did not serve meals until recently, nor has it had accommodation. Members were united by their need for kindred company, culture and comfort and a more civilised venue for drinking that was afforded y the local hotels and pubs of the day.

In 1876, the Club had comfortable quarters in Smith’s Warrnambool Hotel at the southern end of Liebig Street. By 1877, the Club had over 70 members and moved into architect designed, purpose built premises in Kepler Street. Mr George Jobbins was the architect, and the present building is essentially his building. It has a National Trust Classification and a Heritage listing.

Members have enjoyed snooker and pool for many years and tournaments were a large part of the Club’s Tradition. The newly refurbished snooker room has two full sized “Alcock, Thomson and Taylor “tables for member’s enjoyment.

In 1974, great changes were made and allowed women to become members of the Club. Ladies were allowed in all members’ areas and to this day hold significant positions within the Club. We hope that more ladies decide to become members and enjoy the amenities the Club has to offer. While parts of the Club are new interior decor reflects a masculine environment, the Club interior equally presents itself to female members and guests.

Members come from a range of occupations and businesses. There are many expectations of members as with any Club affiliation, especially those clubs with such a long history. One of the expectations that The Warrnambool Club holds paramount is that of Respect; for each other, the facility and the wider community.

The Club now offers a wider range of options for members and the wider community. The Club Committee, together with the owner of “Quorum Restaurant”, have refurbished the interior and exterior of this landmark building offering it back to members and the wider community to enjoy Coffee & Cake, Lunch, High Tea, Drinks by the open fire, Dinner and Functions to celebrate any special occasion.

We hope you enjoy your experience of “Quorum Restaurant” at the “Warrnambool Club” and look forward to your enquiry about membership.